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Last Update: 15 Feb 98


Are You Interested in Educational Books Your Children Will Love?

CD-ROMs? Videos?

Then you're in the right place!!

The information in DK books literally leaps off the page! Children simply cannot put these books down! Most adults can't either! Kids of all ages spend hours exploring new worlds through our educational CD-ROMs. Many actually prefer to watch DK videos over mass-market television.

How can that be? Simple. DK Publishing presents a unique blend of educational text, photography, and interaction in all of their products. Children are able to learn while having fun.

Many Dorling Kindersley books and products are available through your local bookstore. However, as a distributor, I am able to offer you many items that aren't sold commercially. Better yet, all items purchased through a distributor are sold at least 15% below the retail price. There are also many promotional offers that are available only through distributors.

If this sounds too good to be true, I invite you to discover the world of learning and fun that awaits you through DK Family Learning!

Please follow this link if you would like a free catalog of DKFL products. I'd also be happy to help you locate a DK distributor in your area.

Sarah Weigert
PSC 80 Box 17465
APO, CA 96367-7465
United States

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